Seismic Evaluation and Up-gradation

Seismic Evaluation and Up-gradation

Structure Consultancy services provide seismic evaluation and up gradation of older structure for new loading as per GSDMA-IIT guideline. Our technical team acquire the data related to building like nature of occupancy, building configuration, building age, soil data, earthquake data,  present condition etc., Building is to be preliminary evaluation for configuration check like load path, building geometry, weak story, soft story, vertical discontinuity, mass, torsion, adjacent building, short column etc., and strength check of building by evaluation of base shear as per present earthquake code and check for axial stress and shear stress in moment frame. Building further evaluate in details and conclusion arise for strengthening of building by mean of column, beam jacketing and provision of additional column or shear wall etc., we provide detail technical reports and working drawings for executions of strengthening components.

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Following building evaluated for seismic up-gradation as per earthquake code IS:1893-Part-1-2002.

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