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Strucon consultancy services establish in 2006 as a consulting firm provide civil & structural engineering services with special expertise in solving engineering problems of the construction industries. We specialize in bringing state-of-the-art engineering to projects and providing safe, high-quality, economical solutions that achieve the design objective. 

We provide consultancy services to the high rise residential building, commercial building, long span institutional buildings, industrial and factory buildings, roof truss design etc., Stability analysis, Layout planning & foundation design for telecommunications tower and its facilities like shelter, DG, security cabins etc., design of retaining structure like water retaining structure sump, ESR etc., Seismic evaluation of existing structure for new loading etc., Third party auditing for Telecommunication towers etc.,

We provide project management services to the special structures like telecommunications tower project, Solar power projects etc., we also serve construction supervision & Third party auditing of civil & structural work. We are government approved valuer & providing valuation services for immovable property to various Banks

We excel in the field of structural design, Construction management & supervision and third party auditing. We provide enhance quality of work with great satisfaction to our clients. ,

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